Our Story

KYBA is a new experimental concept, aiming to challenge all known boundaries of gastronomy. Our goal is to create unique experiences for our patrons by exploring flavours which traverse timezones. We want all of our guests to see the gastronomic world the way we see it: sometimes the beauty in food and drinks is best presented by combining flavours which, at first glance, might not seem to go together. The end product will challenge the way you think about flavours you think you knew, resulting in a new experience of unexplored combinations in both our food and our cocktails.

KYBA is a visually impactful place; one that will bombard you with subtle notes throughout your dining experience, from the artwork, to the dishes and drinks, to our very own team.

We hope to take international dishes we are all familiar with, deconstruct them and reimagine them, pair them with sustainably innovative cocktails and unparalleled service.

That is the KYBA experience.